May 7, 2017    Python

What is Python

Python is a General Purpose Programming Language that is flexible, powerful and strong just like the snake. The language was not named after it though but after the favourite TV show of the creator Guido Van Rossum, “Monty Python”.

Python is easier than the easiest programming languages we’ve ever learnt. If haven’t any until now, even then this is going to be the easiest programming language you’ve ever learnt.

Why Python

Has any of the programming languages you’ve ever learnt (if) been useful for yourself in automating your computer to organise your file in it or to setup an alarm before shutdown? If not for anything else, you can use Python in automating your own computer thereby simplifying your tasks.

  • It is simple, easy and fun to use
  • Enormous Libraries (There is almost nothing you can’t do with Python when it comes to computer and software (Desktop, Web, Mobile, AI and Data Science))
  • Free / Open Source
  • Large community base


We all have the thought that we could learn much quicker and better if we’re taught by somebody other than learning from watching videos or reading text. This is for us!

  1. 25 dedicated hours of learning
  2. Direct support for upto 6 months
  3. 2 Mini-Projects (Real-time usecase)

Thank You!

Reach me for Learning Python

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