June 2021

Ee_kshanam   Non-Tech Telugu Poetry

Wanna drain M1 MacBook Pro Battery?   Tech

July 2020

Perspective : 1   Prose Non-Tech

Aadamarapedo   Poetry Telugu

May 2020

Telupae Manasaa  

April 2020


January 2020

Windows vs MacOS vs Linux   Prose Tech OS

December 2019

Understanding Recursion  

Automation Series - Article 3: A Simple Personal Password Manager with Encryption  

November 2019

Bride & Groom  

October 2019

Automation Series - Article 2: Block Websites   Python Prose Tech

Automation Series 1: Automating File Segregation  

Truthy & Falsy Values  

Varna : In My View  

Dictators of Every Being  

September 2019

Frame of Reference   Prose Non-Tech

Kalanaina Kadanaina   Poetry Telugu

August 2019

Little did I know!!!   Prose Non-Tech

Learning What Machine Learning Means   AI/ML Prose Tech

The Earth isn't flat, after all!!!  


July 2019

Which Laptop to buy next?  

Time... and Again!  

May 2019

Visualizing the Space and Time Singularity  

One Religion Less... One and Only Culture!!!  

January 2019

Migrating to the Linux World from Windows   OS Python Tech Prose

Simple Linear Regression without Gradient Descent Optimization   Prose Tech Python AI/ML

October 2018

Humanity   Prose Non-Tech


Neeku Teliyada...?  


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