Dictators of Every Being

Starting with a confession, I have an obsession for coffee and Coffeeshops. It had made me shed a couple of bucks (not just a couple you know!) but also helped me learning / understanding a couple of things (apart from i’m running out of money at the end if the month :-P).

Doing everthing since morning except what I have planned of, I have come back to my coffeeshop, ordered for an Americano and took a seat. Thinking of doing something productive, I powered my laptop on, plugged in my Blaupunkt wired earphones (my new love) and started wondering what to do as I wasn’t getting that mood / inertia to start with what I have actually planned of.

I was wondering, having my Americano, looking around, evaluating the lot of options I had in mind to do if not what I have actually planned of and listening to my fav playlist on YouTube. Most of what that occupied my field of vision were just vehicles moving around and then there’s something that my mind has noticed.

A dog jumping over a compound wall. Big deal!! iiittt sorta is…

The wall has grills all over which could allow only a kitten to pass by. But I just witnessed a dog, not a pup, just passed through it and then there were 2 more dogs shouting at the one that just passed through but tried and failed to pass through the same grills. Then I realised that the other dog was just cornered. The ones that cornered the one just passed by, thought they couldn’t pass through and just left.

I then just wondered, what an amazing feature is ‘Fear’!

This afternoon I was talking to my guru, mentor and friend Shrikant (also mentioned about him in my homepage) has forwarded me a video of TED talk of Tim Urban on Procrastination.

Tim Urban, in that video, mentions that the mind of every Procrastinator has Guardian Angel called the ‘Panic’(er) which mostly stays dormant and kicks in only at times when the deadlines are as far as ‘the-next day’. He also gives an excellent graphical representation of that as well and then he says that, there are no non-procratinators in this world and that all that varies is the task at which they’re procastinating.

Now, a little math in the language of a program…


guardian_angel = 'panic'

if guardian_angel in every_procrastinator and procrastinator in every_human:
    every_human += guardian_angel

We all are aware of that guardian angel. We just have different names for it, like ‘fire-in-the-arse’, ‘one-day-batting’ etc. That guardian angel is doing nothing but kicking the but of the guy called ‘Fear’ in us. In fact, that angel isn’t our but the guardian of ‘Fear’.

It is that factor of fear, that has been the defence mechanism for most beings but a bit more to Humans.

A snake bites in fear, a frog and some other aquatic species (Octopus or Jelly Fish, I’m not sure) urinate poison in fear also some other species do the same in reaction to the same. But the point here is, the dog that just passed through that seemingly not passable grills is out of that same factor, Fear.

Then, I realised that, ‘Fear’ isn’t factor that governs but ‘Dictates’ us.

Only if we could properly tame and train it, ‘Fear’, so that, it stays strong enough to put us on our toes yet not as strong as it starts dominating other factors, we could do a lot more than what we’ve been doing hitertho.

To do so, all i can think of is feeding it consciously, knowling when to feed and when to stop.

After all, the courage of standing and the fear of falling that is keeping us moving…

P.S: In the video linked above, the speaker has suggested a recommendable and easily appliable way of feeding the Fear rightly. I suggest to watch it till the end and try implementing from today.

You know, not today today… ;-)

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