The Earth isn't flat, after all!!!

A bend in the road is never an end, One can always and has to take a turn (be it even a re’turn')

Riding… has always been my passion and it was only until I got a machine that I refrained myself from pursuing it. Soon I bought one, I just took off. My first ride had been from Home to a highway Cafe Coffee Day (CCD). One way distance was about 115 kms and the travel time was of approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. I chose to ride only until there to know if I could do it at least till there as it was my first time and my parents shouldn’t know about it (implying I shouldn’t be late, cuz they’ll be worried). I was rolling on the highway in the excitement of “finally… I’m riding”. In no time (as I felt) I reached the CCD outlet. I was wondering what to do apart from having the already ordered coffee of my choice (Cappuccino with double-shot espresso also called as King Cappuccino in some outlets). I realised that the happiness that I was experiencing while riding disappeared. I was not quiet sure of why? Starting immediately after gulping the last sip of my coffee, riding my way back, I was happy again as I was on my rolling wheels but this time not as much as I was on my onward ride as my mind was preoccupied with the thought that why wasn’t I happy in there?

I wasn’t able to figure out and thought should change the topic in my mind and looked at the speed console and I realised I was cruising (on my Cruiser) at 100 kmph and was feeling excited about riding all along at the such speeds until I reach a town and all of a sudden I brought the bike to stop as the Odometer read 999. I was about complete the first 1000 kms run on my machine.

I have ridden 10s of times since then and everytime I felt same after reaching the destination. I understood that I wasn’t liking reaching the destination (doesn’t necessarily mean I would like not reaching it at all as well). It felt like something has ended. Sure, the (onward) journey did and that was concerning. I was exploring that feeling on my return ride and understood that it felt like once I reached the destination I have nothing to do anymore (at least for sometime), like I cannot feel the happiness that I used to, while riding. I was exploring the feeling and the possible / probable reasons triggering, more and deeper and I realised something.

I realised that I have been enjoying the journey. The destination if at all got me excited, it was only for the distance (as they say, “the more the merrier!!!"), apart from the which nothing much excited me of it most times. Sooner than later I realised that the place where I used to plan to end the journey isn’t actually a place where there were no roads further. I observed, in my onward journeys as well, I used to take breaks, sometimes for having coffee, sometimes for taking a leak and once I felt that these pauses too were pretty much similar to the destination, the only difference being the direction of my travel from that point of pause/break. What happens, I thought, if I do not turn back from there? What happens, if I proceed forward? Take another break and proceed forward? and again forward from there? so on and so forth. Eventually, I’d be reaching my initial starting point, wouldn’t I? After all, the Earth isn’t flat, is it? I started generalising this theory and observed a similar cycle, Seed -> Plant -> Seed, Water -> Vapour -> Water (rain) and even Day -> Night -> Day. I then wondered, isn’t even nature reflecting the same thing? Think and enjoy your current/upcoming journeys thoroughly.

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