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Humanity…. The All Mighty… The True Almighty!!!

It is then when a person totally unrelated to you, who has just served you a cup of tea for a couple of times, that too a couple of years ago remembers and asks you about your well-being, you understand the definition of courtesy – reflecting humanity…

The best part of the most intellectual species existing that differs from all others… Humanity…

The term coined from the from the very common name of the species called humans or the scientific name Homo Sapiens.

Humanity isn’t about donating money for the poor but to try to help him improve his situation (directly/indirectly)… Doesn’t mean a mere formal greeting of ‘hi, hello, how are you?’ But a heartwarming welcome that comes straight from the bottom of the heart… It is the courtesy a human feels for every living being existing.

There are animals that get greedy, that show express fear as anger / aggression,that shows faithfulness, love etc… But its just the humans that has got this beautiful unique emotion of humanity…

The word humanity came from humans but its because of humanity we are called as HUMANS!!! The only quality that actually separates us from non humans!!!

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