Wanna drain M1 MacBook Pro Battery?


Here’s a way to go…

I have recently bought a MBP with RAM upgraded to 16gb for its:

and so, the other day, I have decided to unplug my beast and use. As per the claims, I should be able to go at least 3 business days before plugging it back to charge, right?

So, I pulled off the plug the day before at around 10pm and used it for just a bit. The next morning, at around 10 / 11am, I had to connect to my work PC for which I use Microsoft Remote Desktop application.

I’ve been using it unplugged and by 4 or 5pm in the evening, when I just happened to take a glance at the little battery icon above, boom, the battery percentage was showing as 30% remaining.

Struck by shock and worried if there is any issue with my machine, I searched the internet for any reported problems of batery with M1 Macs, thanks to duckduckgo and Rakesh the author of this article for it being the first article in the result, after reading which i felt a bit better learning it was the issue with the remote desktop app.

But now I’m concerned with if the battery drain is because of,

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