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About a decade long ago, one morning I went to my friend’s place, which was sort of my daily routine then and found to him to be lying in his living room couch in a very odd posture while his sister, the then a phycian aspirant, was treating wounds on him. I haven’t uttered a word but by reading my expression, he started explaining that he fell off his bike, the night before, while riding back from his friend’s place as a canine appeared along his path from nowhere all of a sudden and as a result, he lost control avoiding the poor stray animal.

Around 6-8 months later, similar visuals repeated along with the same audio with the only hopeful difference being a different canine at least.

Around 1 - 1.5 years later, it all repeated again but this time, the audio ended with a different note, which was, he said & I quote, “I now at least understand what to do and what not to do when met with an accident on road”.

I ain’t sure if he had realised the profundness of his statement as we’re about 16 or 17 old then.

These days, I find that that particular school of thought to be missing among quiet a few individuals and I find it appropriate to attribute that to the lack of experience of “the fall” (not the season, of course) and the reasons for it seem to be two.

I’m no psycologist nor trying to pretend to be one or certified in any way that gives me the right to make statements. I just wanted to share my findings on the topic as I happened to ponder on it out of my own curiosity.

With the above being said, all I wish to share is,

We’ve always felt excited to learn a bicycle, didn’t we? Being aware of the odds for falling are pretty high. Once learnt we wanted to get on to the roads and in to the traffic, again knowing the risks.

What is it that’s been driving us amidst all those thoughts and facts?

Just apply the same to life and things should go a lot better.

Do take risks but calculated ones and be responsible, always!!!

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