Visualizing the Space and Time Singularity

Physics, Science, Computer Science and Mathematics have always been a facination for me and the visualisations that I get while analysing a particular concept have been helping me in understanding them.

Couple of days ago while I was watching a movie, I once again came across the term “Space-Time Singularity” but I was not able to understand it yet again as I was not able to visualise it.

But, yesterday while I was chilling out with a friend with similar madness towards Physics and Mathematics (have to mention these as he is not that interested in Computer Science) we happened to take up a discussion on considering “Time as a Dimension”. Keeping the discussion on “Time as a Dimension” for another article, while giving him a perspectivve on it, I actually visualised the “Space-Time Singularity” which I would like to share with you all here.

Space-Time Singularity is a phenomenon that is theorised to be happening/occuring in a “Black hole”.

Blak hole is something with infite gravitational pull which means that it pulls anything that comes nearer to it. Now, since the gravitiational pull is infinite, the object that get sucked right into it and with such gravitational pull the object gets subjected to deformation of the shape (We would not been the way we are if the gravitational pull of earth has not precisely been what it is). Once the sucked object reaches the core of the Black hole, the itself gets transforomed into the Black hole. Now imagine the samething happening with some innumerable objects that have come closer to it. Inline with the above theory, we can say that all those bodies that came closer to it have got transformed their shape and have become Black hole itself. Now, Doesn’t this theoritically prove that a Black hole is nothing but a collection of infinite amount of mass at a comparatively.

(If it is hard to imagine it, take an empty and a very low quality plastic bottle and try sucking the air out of it completely. Imagine the source that is sucking the air out as a black hole and force at with the air is being sucked out as the gravitational pull of the black hole, wouldn't you observe a deformation in the shape of the bottle once the air is sucked out completely? Now, just imagagine what happens if the gravitational pull becomes infitely high?)

Theories say that even light cannot escape a black hole which is one of the reasons why it is being called a black hole cuz we being able to something is only because of the light being reflected from it and we all know that light is able to travel at it’s speed ( 3 times 10^8 mtrs per sec) because of it’s infinite mass, right?

Coming back to black holes, if even light is not able to escape a black hole, all these infinte particles of light with infinite mass must have got accumulated at the black hole which again confirms that it is something with infinite mass. now imagine a particle in such space and if that particle is taking a step forward, the particle itself is transforming into another and going back to original shape is possible only when time is shifting backwards (in othr words, rewind) and back shift in time being the only way to get back to its original shape is how I understood as Space-Time Singularity.

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