Time... and Again!

I went to one of my cousine’s wedding with my mom and I saw her there, once again… I fell for her all over, once again… She is married and having a kid by then already. They weren’t visible around. Once again, my eyes got stuck with her and not letting me look at anything else.

Then was when she saw me. Threw a great smile at me and started walking towards me, I was clueless of how is this happening cuz it didn’t happen in the last good count of years, nevertheless, I was just looking at her. She is covered in some dual shade orange shining saree and was looking nothing less than a goddess (as she always does). She came to me, greeted me and my mom, started talking to us and I was just smiling having no idea of what to reply with. She sat with us, between me and my mom, talking to us and smiling at me. She told that her cousine too was getting married in the venue adjacent to ours and asked me to come and wish her. I was still smiling, not missing a glance of her. She pulled me with herself to the other venue and made me wish her cousine.

Then she took me to a river bed nearby to the wedding venue. We sat there and she started talking to me and I still didn’t say a word, lost in her smile, wandering in her thoughts and just gazing at her.

Right at that moment, a sudden noise of 4 beeps ringing periodically with a damping volume has intruded and interrupted the situation… and in just a moments of time, I realised it was from my phone alarm and the time was 0600 hrs. Though slept at 0100 hrs the previous night, I was wide awake. The whole episode played in front of my eyes again and again… and then the first thing I said,


Why is this still happening? is it really love or mere obsession?? - I ain’t sure!

How long more until it stops happening? and does it really stop?? - I ain’t sure!!

She might even doesn’t deserve my love (my friends say) but the love didn’t start by figuring out whether she deserves it or not, in the first place.

… and, it ain’t the first time of such a dream, and I sincerely doubt it is the last time… it’s been happening, time… and again!

Lokam naa lokam ika nuvvantu aah maatalu telipenulae…

Kallu ninnu choodakunta reppa vippanantu moosenulae,

kalalo naina ninnu choosi manase yentho murisipoyenulae…

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